To All Clubs,

I have been sending you updates as I received them from the FAI. 

If you have not already done this, then log into the FAI page ( and click on link that  says PROTOCOL which is located on the under "Safer return to Play". Here you will see all the various links explaining from safe return to training to safe return to play, as well as signs that you can print off for your club house and outside areas.  All the information you will require is probably here, but if  you have any other query then please e-mail me.

 By now all of the Clubs  should have completed their Covid19 RISK ASSESSMENT Template and received their reply from FAI for this.

It is important that your Compliance Officer or Officers is present at every training session and again at your games. 

Clubs who choose not to return until our new season 2020-2021, you will need to complete this Risk Assessment also, this is available on the FAI website as stated above. 

We all look forward to the return of football  and if we all work together and comply with the Government and HSE guidelines it will help to reduce the risk of transmissibility of the Covid-19 virus to as low a level as possible. In so doing, we will protect the health and safety of our players, coaches, match officials, parents, guardians, volunteers, administrators and spectators.

The following are dates which are applicable:

July 11th   Clubs can arrange friendly games now

July 19th   Is when we start our competitive games

July 20th   From this date 500 can attend outdoor events  (200 before then)

From  July 29th   Dressing rooms can be used (but NOT showers)

Sept 14th  Our season 2019-2020 ends

If you are unwell, stay at home and if need be contact your GP

Adhere to social distancing of 2 metres at all times where possible.

Practice good  hand hygiene with regular hand washing and use of hand sanitizer

Practice good coughing and sneezing etiquette.

  • Clubs should ensure they have signage up and sanitising units in place
  • Toilets  can be available (some clubs intend only having it open when asked to do so)
  • Teams should arrive as close to kick off as is feasible.
  • All players should travel to games in line with HSE guidelines (no carpooling)
  • Travel in your gear.
  • Bring own labelled water bottle
  • When travelling to away games, observe the home clubs  Covid 19 signage
  • Players & Coaches should observe the 2 metres social distancing where possible (warm ups, meetings, team talks)
  • No hand greetings are permitted.
  • Spectators should adhere to 2 metres social distancing at all times.
  • Team talk should take place on the pitch
  • No spitting is permitted.
  • Your club compliance officer/or designated club member act as first point of contact with match official.
  • Match card should be completed prior to game starting & given to Referee.
  • Match fee should be in an envelope and given to the Ref before the game.    *****  (see below under Referees)
  • A coach or Club physio can attend to an injured player on the pitch.
  • This person should wear face mask & gloves.
  • A room can be made available for an injured player, if need be. (it must be cleaned before & after use)
  • Physios must wear PPE gear for prolonged treatment sessions (these sessions must last no longer than 15 mins)
  • A player/match official suspected of a new onset of Covid-19 must be given a face mask & be isolated from the rest of the attendees, pending contact being made with relevant person
  • Dug outs cannot be used unless social distancing can be adhered to.
  • Players & match officials must adhere to social distancing of 2 metres at the final whistle & when exiting pitch & venue
  • Same applies to spectators.
  • Post game meetings must be held outside & not last longer than 10mins
  • No hanging around after game to discuss the game.

Continue to practice good hygiene & ensure if any rooms used are all sanitized thoroughly afterwards.


Up to July 20th:       200 people can attend an outdoor event

The Home Club should decide what best way to handle this. Inform the away club of how many they can bring perhaps and the home team only allow that number in. This figure includes both teams, coaches, physios and match officials and media representatives, if your game is being streamed.The Home club might decide to give the away team 100 numbered tickets. See what best suits your needs.

This will only apply for games fixed for Sun 19th July.

From July 20th  500 can attend an outdoor event 

Protocols in regard to  Referees:

  • No dressing room required for Refs (until after July 29th)
  • Match fee should be given to the Ref before the game, in a sealed envelope
  • No hand shakes
  • Club compliance officer/designated person first person in dealing with Ref.
  • In regard to use of flags for  games in div 1 and below, the home team and the away team person who will be doing their line must bring an agreed item (like perhaps a club flag/jersey)  as the Refs are not allowed give them his own flags
  • In premier league games the assistant refs will bring their own flags.
  • Covid-19 Compliance Officer keeps a record of the Match Officials name and contact number for contact tracing 

All these point are in the guidelines  on the FAI website, so please check them for further  detail.

Goal posts and all equipment should be sanitized before and after use.

All Clubs should ensure their medical kits are adequately filled and that they have face masks and gloves in same and also that your Club physio has the full PPE gear available regardless whether he/she needs it. 

On behalf of the League Committee we wish every Club a safe return to football.




Gertrude Rowlands


Wexford Football League


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