Any player red-carded in junior or youth football in Wexford competitions is automatically suspended for the next Game + committee decision whether League or Cup games. If he is to get a longer suspension, that will be notified to his club secretary, as well as being published here (up to a maximum of six games).

If a player is suspended in his own league, his suspension is served in his own league so he is eligible to play in FAI / LFA competitions. The player does not have a choice of missing the FAI / LFA game and covering his suspension that way. The reverse also means that players sent off in FAI / LFA competitions serve their suspension in that competition, if still in it. If beaten, the suspension is served in the next Wexford League competitive game.

Suspensions 26/11/2023

1 Game

Jamie Roban, Kiltealy Celtic

Seweryn Gadznia, Bunclody Fc

Darryl Gray, The Ballagh

Wal Cullen, Corach Ramblers

Jason Murphy, Campile Utd

Brian Ronan, Ajax Ath

2 Games

Kyle Gardiner, Rosbercon

3 Games

Darren Sheehan Camolin Celtic

Glen Fortune, Ajax Ath

Suspensions 19/11/2023

1 Game

Robert Vickers St Josephs

Barry Redmond, Kiltealy Celtic

David Foley, Taghmon Utd

Danny Walshe Carne FC

2 Games

Darragh Winters Carne FC

3 Games

Jakub Konkel, Courtown Hibs

Kevin Somers, Enniscorthy Utd

4 Games

Eoin Mythen, Campile Utd

Nial Tiedt, St Cormacs


Suspensions 13/11/2023 

1 Game

Brendan Kavanagh, Oylegate Utd

Rees Broaders, Rosslare Rangers

Alan Browne, Forth Celtic

Daryl O Rourke Enniscorthy Utd

Luke Kavanagh, Gorey Rangers

2 Games

Brendan O Neill, Cushinstown

3 Games

Jamie Howard, St.Jopsephs

Kieron Finn Adamstown

4 Games

Lee Polglase, Gorey Celtic


Suspensions 06.11.2023

1 Game

Paul Walshe, Ballymurn Celtic

Brian Minogue, Shelburne Utd

Jack Tyrell, St. Cormacs

Luke Codd, Carne FC

2 Games

David Murphy Enniscorthy Town

Aaron Corish, Carne FC


Suspensions 16.10.2023

1 Game

Ricky Fox, Moyne Rangers

Terrry james Page Doyle, Wexford Bohs

Craig Davitt, The Ballagh

Ryan Hadley, The Ballagh

Adam Kirwan, Ajax Ath

2 Games

T J Owens Enniscorthy Utd

Kyle Dempsey, North End Utd

3 Games

David Simpson., Kilmore Utd

Kieran Murphy Ferns Utd

Paul Murphy, North End


1 Game

Eoin Browne All Blacks

Tom O callaghan,New Ross Town


Suspensions 09.10.2023

1 Game

Alan Freeman,Shamrock Rovers

Jason Sutton, St.Leonards

James Somers, Wexford Bohs.

Ferdia Reynolds, Glynn Barntown

Tom Dwyer, Ferns Utd

Daniel Kennedy,Camolin Celtic

Peter Culleton, Forth Celtic

3 Games

Keith Murphy Tombrack

Daniel McCabe St.Josephs


1 Game

Dean Kinsella, Campile Utd

Cormac Casey, Castledockrell

Luke Flynn, Killenagh Wndrs

4 Games

Lewis Hynes, Bridge Rovers


Suspensions 01.10.2023

3 Games

Mathew Morris, Glynn Barntown

Ben Rochford Cloughbawn

Kyle Mann, Wexford Bohs

1 Game

Kevin Somers, Enniscorthy Utd

Darren Redmond, Shamrock Rovers

James White,Ballymurn Celtic

Mark Corish, Carne FC

Anthony Butler, Bree Utd

Patrick Whelan, Fastnet Rvrs

Liam Carroll, Gorey Celtic

Suspensions 23.09.23

3 Games

Eoin Browne All Blacks

John Millar, Shamrock Rovers

Suspensions 11.09.23

1 Game

David Tennant Carne FC

Jaydee Cahill, Corach Ramblers

David Cadogan Admstown FC

Liam Flood Rosslare Rangers

Cathal Murphy, Corach Ramblers

James Tobin Rathnure

Mark Woods, Gorey Rangers

Dean Molloy, Duncannon FC


1 Game

Calvin Kehoe, Taghmon Utd

3 Games

Reece Doran Taghmon Utd

4 Games

Cian Doyle Adamstown FC


Suspensions 03.09.23

1 Game

Robert Donnelly Enniscorthy Town

Johnathan Whelan Enniscorthy Town

Tom Cash, Shamrock Rovers

Conor Kenny Enniscorthy Utd

Chindera Egiofor Camolin Celtic

3 Games

Jack Meyler Rosslare Strand

Mathew Lewis Rosslare Strand

Luca Rafferty Kilmore Utd

Suspensions 12.06.2023

3 Games

Floyd Murphy, Shamrock Rovers

5 Games

Adam Barnes, Courtown Hibs.


Suspensions 22.05.2023

1 Game

Jamie Wilson Bunclody 

Darren Jordan Forth Celtic


Suspensions 15.05.2023

1 Game

TJ Doyle, Glynn Barntown

Niall Murphy, Ballymurn Cel

3 Games

Mark Doyle, All Blacks

4 Games

Ben Morris, Rosslare Rangers

Dylan Shannon Shamrock Rovers


Suspensions 08.05.2023

1 Game

Warren Corish, Carne Utd

2 Games

Gareth McCurtain, Corach Ramblers

3 Games

Keith Katus, Ross Celtic

Kian Byrne, Camolin Cel

Tomas Dunne, Kiltealy Cel.

Nathan Murphy, Curracloe Utd


1 Game

Jayden Tyndall, Courtown Hibs

Cathal, Kehoe, Shelburne.




1 Game

Paul McMaunus, Wexford Bohs

Thomas Kent, Campile Utd

Johnny Melay, Bunclody FC

Niall Molloy, St.Leonards

Abraham Ali, Corach Ramblers

3 Games

Paul Murphy, North End Utd

Alan Dooley, Wexford Celtic


1 Game

Adam Dunne, Bunclody

Dean Hills, Wexford Celtic

Suspensions 17.04.2023

1 Game

Robin Canavan Courtown Hibs

Ryan Nolan Ferns Utd

Tadgh Cahill, Corach Ramblers

Niall Harney, Corach Ramblers

Conor Kavanagh,Shelburne

Adam Foley, Duncannon

Darragh Curren, Camolin Cel

Jack Foran, Ross Celtic

Danny O Brien, Enniscorthy Town

2 Games:

Shane Petitt, Rosslare Rngs.

5 Games

Kyle Turner Wexford Bohs

Dale McGrath Wexford Bohs

Tommy Hurley, Wexford Bohs



1 Game

Ronan Martin, Gorey Rangers

Dion Whitty, Campile

Calum Kehoe, Taghmon

2 Games

Byran Kearns Ferns

Max Meegan Ferns


Suspensions 10.04.2023

1 Game

James Wright, All Blacks

Suspensions 03.04.2023

1 Game

Craig Dwyer Enniscorthy Town

Joe Dunne, Oylegate Utd

Ricky Fox,Shamrock Rovers

Kyle Dempsey, North End Utd

Shane Pettit, Rosslare Rangers

Donal O Neill, Camolin Celtic

Conor Roche, Kilmore Utd

2 Games

Jordan Jarrett, North End Utd

3 Games

Devin Furlong, Kilmore Utd

David Moore, All Blacks


2 Games

Callum Blackburn, Cloughbawn

Conor Murphy, Cloughbawn

Sean Murphy, Ferns Utd

Oisin Cronin, Ferns Utd

Aaron Doyle, North End Utd



Suspensions 20.03.2023

1 Game

Mick Murphy, Camolin Cel.

Stephen Kennedy, Cloughbawn

Aaron Hanley, Cloughbawn

Peter Marsden, Moyne Rngs

Conor Keeling, Crossabeg

2 Games:

Elliot Jordan, Shamrock Rovers

3 Games

Jordan Murphy, Shamrock Rovers

Suspensions 13.03.2023

1 Game

Sean O Connor, Shelburne

Kyle Kennedy, Fastnet

Adam Harris, Campile

Killian Ronan, Enniscorthy Town

D J Murphy, Enniscorthy Town

Gary Long, Gorey Celtic

Nick Roche, Enniscorthy Utd

2 Games

Shane Murphy, Bridge Rovers

Dion Dunne, Bunclody

3 Games

Brad Walsh Kilmore

Danny Roche, Kilmore


Suspensions 06.03.2023

1 Game

Stephen O Leary, Ross Celtic

Jordan Molloy, Glynn Barntown

Brian Martin, Ballagh

Jamie Fortune, Bunclody

Pierce Murphy, Oylegate

Eoin Ryan, Rosbercon

Cillian Bennett, Ross Town

Michael Andrews, Ferns

Garrett McCurtin, Corach

Cathal Murphy, Corach

Luke Kavanagh, Forth Celtic

Shane Roche, Adamstown

Evan O Rourke, Moyne Rangers.


1 Game

Max Butler Glynn Barntown

Michael Roche, Gorey Celtic

2 Games

Jamie Rohan, Shamrock Rovers


Suspensions 27.02.2023

1 Game

Eddie Black, Shamrock Rovers

Michael Dempsey Ferns

Brendan Kavanagh Oylegate

Aaron Davis, New Ross Celtic

2 Games

Shane Breen, Ferns Utd


Suspensions 20.02.2023

1 Game

Ryan Earle, Camolin Celtic

Alan Larkin, Wexford Celtic

Michael Kinsella, Courtown Hibs

Jake Byrne, Ross Town

Adam Byrne, Killenagh Wandrs

Sean Roche, Gorey Rangers

Darragh Howell, North End Utd

Robert Dempsey, Glynn Barntown

2 Games

Mervyn Maloney, Adamstown

3 Games

Kieran Murphy, Ferns Utd

Sean Lambert  Cloughbawn

Jamie St Ledger, Ross Town

4 Games

Jake Kearney, Courtown



4 Games

Joe Doyle. Moyne Rangers


Suspensions 13.02.2023

Danny Murphy Campile.

Dylan Owens Enniscorthy Utd

Kian Byrne Camolin

Patrick Whelan, Fastnet

( 1 Game)

Corry Lyons,Bridge Roves

( 4 Games)


Liam Dempsey, North End

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 30.01.2023

Noah Power, Courtown Hbs

Harry Codd, Rathnure

Tony Bydnek, North End Utd

Aaron Whitty, Barntown

Tom Cash, Shamrock Rovers

Jake Kenny Oleary, Camolin

Max Meegan, Ferns

Tomas Walshe, Duncannon

( 1 Game)

James Walshe, Duncannon

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 23.01.2023

Kuri Hadman, Duncannon

Liam Moore, Ajax

Philip O Neill, Moyne

Theo Doyle, Glynn Barntown

( 1 Game)

Jason Ogwelka, Shamrock Rovers

( 2 Games)

Billy Millar, Enniscorthy Utd

Evan McShane, Camolin

( 3 Games)


Dean Hillis, Wexford Albion

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 16/01.2023

Shane Breen Ferns

Matty Dunne Ferns

Adam Barnes, Courtown Hibs

Keith Kearney, North End Utd

Ian Sinnott, Shamrock Rovers

Thomas Cloke, Camolin Celtic

(1 Game)

Robert Dempsey, Glynn Barntown

Ben Nugent, Bunclody

( 2 Games)

Conor Jordan, Ferns

Donal Kiely, St.Leonards

Ryan MCarthy, Moyne

Glen Carton, Camolin

Eoin Murphy, Gorey Rangers

( 3 Games)


Rian Sammon, North End

(2 Games)

Suspensions 12.12.2022

Kevin Parker, Campile

Yan Abogye, Courtown Hibs

Liam Lacey, Bridge Rovers

Jake Hobbs, Blackwater

(1 Game)

Seamus Walsh, Blackwater

( 4 Games)


Robert Moore, Corach Rmblrs

Tyler Cowman, Shamrock Rovers

(1 Game)

Suspensions 05.12.2022

Adam Connor Gorey Celtic

Daniel Connors New Ross Celtic

( 1 Game)

Adam Wogan, Glynn Barntown

( 3 Games )

Suspensions 28.11.2022

Mark Kehoe, Castledockrell

Jason Russell, Ajax Ath

Mark Shorthall, Wexford Bohs

Cormac Kiely, St Leonards

Jason Sutton, St Leonards

( 1 Game)


Eoin Browne Fastnet

Rian Ormonde Curracloe 

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 21.11.2022

Aaron Whitty, Glynn Barntown

Leon Furlong, Ferns Urd

Paul Roche, St Josephs

( 1 Game)


Paddy O Leary, Glynn Barntown

( 1 Game)



Suspensions 14.11.2022

David Kenny, Bridge Rovers

( 1 Game)

Adam O Leary, Bridge Rovers

( 3 Games)

Suspensions  07.11.2022

Mick Dempsey, Enniscorthy Utd

Darragh Malone, Bridge Rovers

Ian O Reilly, St.Josephs

( 1 Game)

PJ Banville Wexford Bohs

Todd Hynes Wexford Bohs

( 3 Games )


Suspensions 25.10.2022

Brian Kearns, Ferns

Craig Coughlan, Crossabeg

( 1 Game)

Ryan Cashin, Taghmon

( 3 Games)


Ross Walker, Crossabeg

( 1 Game)

Will Harty. St Cormacs

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 17.10.2022

Alan Freeman, Shamrock Rovers

Nicky Hynes Wexford Bohs

Calum Byrne, St Cormacs

( 1 Game)

Thomas Walsh, St Cormacs

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 10.10.2022

Keith Cogley, New Ross Town

Gary Kennedy, Cloughbawn

Ross Walker  Crossabeg

Fergal Buckley, Carne

Jack Whitley, Shamrock Rovers

(1 Game )

Niall Cullen, Crossabeg

( 2 Games ) 

Niall Dunne, New Ross Celtic

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 03.10.2022

Sean Byrne, Corach Ramblers

Eoin Rafferty, Crossabeg

Brian Kearns, Ferns

Danny Roche, Kilmore

Matrus Krummins, Enniscorthy Utd

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 26.09.2022

Jamie Foley Duncannon 

( 1 Game)

David Ruszczychi New Ross Town

Roy Nunn Forth Celtic

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 19.09.2022

Adam  Dunne Bunclody

Danny Howlin Rosslare Rangers

Keith Kavanagh, St. Josephs

( 1 Game)

Yan Abogoye, Courtown Hibs

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 12.09.2022

David Christie Gorey Rangers

Daryl Walshe Campile

Sean O Connor Shelburne

Gareth McCurtain Corach Ramblers

Sean Walshe Ballymurn Cel

Sean Kehoe All Blacks

( 1 Game)

Philip Murphy All Blacks

( 3 Games )


Ben Myers, Shelburne

( 1 Game )


Suspensions 30.05.2022

David Christy, Gorey Rangers

Tommy Walsh, Duncannon

Dara Barden, Fethard

( 1 Game )

Owen Furlong, Cloughbawn

( 2 Games)

Jamie Doyle, St Cormacs

( 4 Games)

Stephen Kennedy, Cloughbawn

Donal O Neill, Camolin

( 5 Games)


Shane Roche, Wexford Albion 

( 1 Game)


Suspensions 16.05.2022

Thomas Cloke, Camolin

Luca Rafferty, Kilmore

Gary Delaney, North End

Stephen Watchorn Kiltealy

( 1 Game)

Fergal Kenny Kiltealy

( 2 Games)


Shadrack Onwubiko, Shamrock Rovers

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 09.05.2022

Donal O Neill Camolin

Darragh Curran Camolin

Daniel Kennedy Camolin

Craig Foster, Gorey Rangers

Stephen O Leary Ross Celtic

Ben Cummins Campile

Robert Dempsey Glynn Barntown

Philip Walsh Bree

Shane Mernagh Kiltealy

Dean Plunkett Kiltealy

Aaron Goodison Wexford Bohs

Noah Culleton Kilmore

Mervyn Moloney Raheen

Ricky Fox Shamrock Rovers

Chris Kenny Shamrock Rovers

Higor Garcoz Courtown Hibs

Tadgh Fogarty Wexford Bohs

( 1 Game)


Craig Murphy, Ferns

( 5 Games )

Suspensions 25.04.2022

Alan Rhodes North End

Brian Minogue Shelburne

Gavin Sludds, Bree

Alan Freeman, Shamrock Rovers

Ryan Mahon, Moyne Rangers

Rory Newe, Tombrack

Sean Bates, North End

Matthew Skelly Bunclody

Alex Clarke, Wexford Bohs

John Ryan Bunclody

Jamie Farrell, Bunclody

Darren Redmond, Shamrock Rovers

Adam Maher Shamrock Rovers

( 1 Game)

Anthony Roche, Bunclody

Dan Thorpe, Adamstown

(  2 Games)

Tommy Power, Bunclody

( 3 Games)

Dylan Sinnott, Wexford Bohs

( 5 Games)


Adam Tierney, Wexford Albion

Jack Fanning Shamrock Rovers

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 11.04.2022

Max Meegan Ferns Utd

Ricky Dwyer Shamrock Rovers

Adam Murphy Forth Celtic

Paul Murphy North End Utd

Kevin Cogley, Kiltealy Celtic

William Murphy Cloughbawn

Shane Jordan Bree Utd

Thomas Jeffers, Tombrack Utd

Kyle Foley, Enniscorthy Utd

Jamie McMahon, Enniscorthy Town

Kieran Murphy Ferns Utd

( 1 Game)


Mo Alhasen New Ross Town

Cian Dobbs, St Cormacs

( 1 Game)


Suspension 04.04.2022

Robbie O Neill Enniscorthy Town

Jamie Howard, St.Josephs

Eoin Kelly, Crossabeg

Dean Hunt New Ross Town

Arpi Cerasi Carne

James Delaney, Rosslare Strand

James Fitzgerland, Bunclody

( 1 Game)

Paddy Davitt, Ferns

( 4 Games)

Kian Byrne, Camolin

( 5 Games)

Under 19s.

Nathan Ramasewstk Kilmore

( 1 Game)


Luka Rafferty. Kilmore

( 5 Games)

Suspensions 28.03.22

Brendan Coleman Cloughbawn

Michael Mackey Glynn Barmtown

Gary Long, Gorey Celtic

Jason McGuire, Courtown Hibs

Nicky Sinnott, Cushinstown

Colin Darby, Gorey Celtic

Craig Turner, Enniscorthy Town

Martin Delaney, Taghmon

Darren Carthy, Taghmon

James Taylor Castledockrell

( 1 Game)

Adam O Leary, Crossabeg

( 5 Games )


Thomas Walshe. St Cormacs

(1 Game)

Suspensions 14.02.2022

Sean Redmond, Rosslare Strand

James Fitzgerland, Bunclody

Michael Eviston Crossabeg

( 1 Game )

Nathan Bravner St Josephs

(2 Games)


Suspensions 07.02.2022

Dean Hunt, New Ross Town

Kevin Kenny, Tombrack

Dan Murphy, Kiltealy

Dean Horan,Cloughbawn

Kevin Murphy, Cloughbawn

Danny Bruce Moyne

Ryan Buscher, Forth

( 1 Game )

Keane Walsh, New Ross Celtic

Aymen Stovane Camolin

Byron Jordan, Ferns

Clive Lawlor Forth Cel

( 2 Games)

Sean Lambert, Cloughbawn

( 6 Games )


Rueben Lafferty, Forth

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 31.01.2022

Colin Cleary Curracloe

Rory Delaney Ajax Ath

Robbie Troope, Gorey Rangers

James Fitzgerald, Bunclody

Matty Kavanagh, Courtown Hibs

Graham Lawlor Ryan, Bridge Rovers

James Culleton, Carne

Kyle Murphy, Cloughbawn

Derek Thorpe, Ferns 

Ivan Meegan, Ferns

Tadgh Fogarty, Wexford Bohs

( 1 Game)


Cormac Mythen, Bridge Rovers

Cian Kennedy, Shelburne

Cathal Ryan, Shelburne

Evan O Brien, Kilmore


Suspensions 24.01.2022

Shane Pettit  Rosslare Rangers

Paul McClean Bridge Rovers

Colin O Brien Courtown Hibs

Cathal Dowd Forth Celtic

Paddy Whelan Fastnet

Conor Clancy Rosslare Rngs

Nathan Fergusson, Curracloe Utd

John Whitty Raheen

Eion Quigley Gorey Rangers

Mark Wodds Gorey Rangers

Ethan Vickers Gorey Rangers

( 1 Game )


Donal Wickham Rathnure

( 1 Game)


Suspensions 13.12.2021

Mikie Barden  Fethard Rngs

Vinnie Sullivan Crossabeg

Kyle Martin, Rathnure

John Reville, Corach Ramblers

Mike Murphy, Camolin

Kian Byrne Camolin

( 1 Game)

Jack Regan, Tombrack

Aaron Kirwan, Ajax Ath

( 2 games)

Stuart Murphy Taghmon

( 3 Games)

Suspensions 06.12.2021

Shaun O Shea, Ajax 

Elliot Jordan, Shamrock Rovers

Thomas McVoigh, Enniscorthy Town

Aidan Murphy Enniscorthy Town

Danny Roche, Kilmore

(1 Game)

John Breen, Ferns

Adam Jordan Enniscorthy Utd

Niall Finn St Cormacs

(2 Games)


Nathan Kelly Tombrack

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 29.11.2021

Darragh Kenny, Gorey Celtic

Allen Collins, Gorey Celtic

Brian Whelan, St. Josephs

Stuart Hayden, Wexford Celtic

Shane Banville, Campile 

( 1 Game)

Jamie Meyler, Campile

Gavin O Brien, Gorey Rangers

Mark Browne, Bridge Rovers

( 2 Games)

Joe Devlin Campile

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 22.11.2021

Gregory O Brien, Camolin

Olas Safola, Bridge Rvrs

Owen Mooney, Gorey Celtic

Liam Carroll, Gorey Celtic

Chris Kenny, Shamrock Rvrs

Liam Evans, Moyne Rngs

Kyle Turner, Wexford Bohs

Adam O Leary, Glynn Barntown

Dylan Ennis, Glynn Barntown

Josh Howlin, Wexford Albion

Ger Doyle, Forth Celtic

( 1 Game)


Conor Lyne, Glynn Barntown

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 15.11.2021

Cian Rossiter Forth Celtic

Kyle Turner Wexford Bohs

Anthony Turner Bree

Sean O Connor Shelburne

( 1 Game)

Noel Beaver, Wexford Celtic

( 2 games )


Mark Kelly Kilmore

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 08.11.2021

Gary Miller, Ajax

Patsy Malone Glynn Barntown

John Whitty Raheen

Kieran Finn, Adamstown

Jack Regan, Tombrack

Darragh Curran, Camolin

Kevin Murphy, Cloughbawn

Eoin Byrne, Camolin

Shane Roche Adamstown

( 1 Game)

Lee Byrne, Camolin

Sean Mulligan, Gorey Rangers

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 01.11.2021

Higor Garczl, Courtown Hibs

Kieran Murphy, Ferns

Dylan Whitty, Campile

Adam Kelly, Curracloe

Wayne Dunne, Bree

Daid Kenny, Bridge Rovers

Josh Whitehead, Ballymurn

Niall Cullen, Fastnet

Dylan Fox, Bridge Rvrs

Mark Browne, Bridge Rvrs

( 1 Game )

Ger Walshe, Bree

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 18.10.2021

Kyle Mann, Wexford Celtic

Jason McRae, Wexford Celtic

Patrick McDonnell, Kiltealy Celtic

Dylan Sweeney, Courtown Hibs

Stephen Doyle, Cushinstown

Luke Cullen Ryan, Wexford Albion

Shane Dunne. Enniscorthy Utd

Mickie Barden, Fethard

Shane O Rourke, Ballymurn

Shane Murphy, Bridge Rovers

Cian Larkin, Moyne Rangers

( 1 Game )


Cormac McGee Corach

( 1 Game )

Luca Rafferty, Kilmore

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 11.10.2021

Garret Manon, Corach Ramblers

Fergal Buckley, Enniscorthy Utd

Willie Mc Donald, Taghmon

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 04.10.2021

Brendan Power, Taghmon

Niall Molloy, St.Leonards

Byron Jordan, Ferns

( 1 Game )

David Tennant Wexford Albion

( 3 Games )


Craig Dreelan, Tombrack

Callum Mclean, Forth Celtic

Cian Rossiterr, Forth Celtic

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 27.09.2021

Donal O Neill, Camolin Cel

Marion Salveta, Enniscorthy Utd

Daniel Johnston, Fethard

Dylan McMullen Tombrack

John Joe Jordan Kiltealy

( 1 Game)


Kyle Sinnott, Glynn Barntown

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 20.09.2021

Toddy Roche, Killenagh Wndrs

Martin Delaney Taghmon

Mark Murphy, Shamrock Rovers

Peter Nolan, Castledockrell

Simon Black, Bunclody

Noel Browne, Fastnet 

Paddy Redmond, Ballymurn

Evan O Rourke, Enniscorthy Utd

John Kavanagh, Gorey Celtic

( 1 Game)


Darragh Bates, Glynn Barntown

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 13.09.2021

Tommy Sheridan, Wexford Albion

Mark Doyle, All Blacks

Niall Walsh, Rosslare Rangers

Mikey Webster Ajax Ath

Jordan Ryan Ferns Utd

( 1 Game )

Fenwick O Shea, Ajax Ath

( 3 Games )

Suspension 06.09.2021

Aaron Larkin Enniscorthy Utd

Anthony Westnott, Rathnure

Eoin Kinsella Wexford Bohs

Darren Naughton, All Blacks

( 1 Game )


Tristan Byrne, St Cormacs

( 1 Game)

Adam Tierney, Wexford Albion

( 2 Games,)


Suspensions 17.08.2020

Keith Kearney, North End

Richard Kearney, North End

Kyle Dempsey, North End

Gary Murphy, Gorey Rangers

Nathan O Connor, Moyne Rangers

Jamie Cathy, Forth Celtic

Kyle Mann, Wexford Celtic

Kian Murphy, Enniscorthy Town

Ryan Nolan, Ferns Utd

Jody Heinze, Bridge Rovers

Kevin Murphy, Bridge Rovers

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 10.08.2020

Alan Bradley, Adamstown

Cian Byrne, Camolin Cel

James Sheridan, Enniscorthy Utd

Adam Whitmore, Curracloe Utd

Eoin Carton Tombrack

Jamie St.Ledger, Rosbercon

Barry Hearn Campile

Jordan Byrne Ferns Utd

John Ivory St Cormacs

Jaime Doyle St Cormacs

Jack Whelan St. Cormacs

Coramc Walshe, St.Cormacs

( 1 game)

Shane Banville Campile

Sean Breen, Enniscorthy Town

Conor Clancy, Rosslare Strand

Jack Moore, Fastnet

( 2 Games)

Daniel Kennedy, Camolin

( 3 Games)

Jaime Kent, Duncannon

( 5 Games)

Suspensions 03.08.2020

Danny Mullins, Wexford Bohs

Cian Quirke, Adamstown

Keith Cogley, Kiltealy Celtic

Stephen Casey, Oylegate

Ciaran Carty, North End

Steven O Leary, New Ross Celtic

James Sweeney, St. Cormacs

Dale Galway, Courtown

Elliot Jordan, Shamrock Rovers,

Jason Sutton, Duncannon

( 1 Game)

Michael Sweeney, St. Cormacs

( 2 Games)


Cormac Walsh, Shelburne

Jordan Byrne, Ferns

( 1 Game)


Suspensions 27.07.2020

Matthew Dunne, St.Cormacs

Eoghan Murphy, Tombrack

Andrew Doyle, Bridge Rovers

Eoin O Shea, Glynn Barntown

Kevin Carmody, Glynn Barntown

John Thorpe, Ferns Utd

Thomas Hawkins, Ferns Utd

Kyle Kenny, Gorey Rangers

Craig Dwyer, Enniscorthy Utd

Ian Bradley, Raheen

Jim Dwyer, Fastnet

Stephen Rossiter, Bridge Rvrs

PJ Banville, Campile

Kevin Parker, Campile

Sean Keane, St.Josephs

Ian Farrell. Wexford Bohs.

( 1 Game)

Eamon Cash, Enniscorthy Town

Keith Murphy, Forth Celtic

( 2 Games)

Gordon Simpson, Forth Celtic

( 4 Games)

Suspensions 09.03.2020

Mark Furlong, Rosslare Rangers

Mark Browne, Bridge Rovers

Steven Rossiter, Bridge Rovers

Martin Flynn, Killenagh Wndrs

John Kavanagh, Gorey Celtic

Gavin Goodwin, Gorey Celtic

Ken Byrne, Gorey Celtic

Colm St.Ledger, New Ross Celtic

Gary O Connor, New Ross Celtic

Kevin Grangel, New Ross Celtic

( 1 Game)

Larry Murphy, Taghmon

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 24.02.2020

Johnny McMaunus Wexford Celtic

4 Games.

Josh McMullen, Tombrack

2 games

Suspensions 10.02.2020

Barry Breen, Ferns Utd

Owen Ronan, Ferns Utd

Shane O Rourke, Ballymurn Cel

John Lacey, Glynn Barntown

Karin Byrne, Fastnet

Liam Lacey, Bridge Rvrs

Darreb Blackburn, Caim Utd.

( 1 Game)


Eoin Murphy, Gorey Rangers

Evan Roche, North End

Fionn Walsh, St. Cormacs

( 1 Game)


Suspensions 03.02,2020

Rory O Connor, Moyne

Jody Hynes, Bridge

John Ivory, St.Cormacs

Edward Doyle, Killenagh

( 1 Game )

Martin Casey, Taghmon

( 2 Games)

Suspensions 27.01.2020

Keith Cogley, Kiltealy

Lee Keely, Cloughbawn

David Kenny, Bridge Rvrs

Eoin Cummins, All Blacks

Dylan O Brien, Fastnet

Tommy Smilie, Glynn Barntown

Colm Kehoe, Cloughbawn

( 1 Game)

James Redmond, Enniscorthy Utd

( 2 Games )


Adam Cullen, Curracloe

Brian Stafford. Kilmore

Brad Koolhoff, Kilmore

( 1 Game)

Jack Kelly, Adamstown

Dan Fortune, Kilmore

( 2 Games )

Suspensions 20.01.2020

Barry Sinnott, Corach Rmblrs

Conor Maddock, Crossabeg

Nigel Usher, Glynn Barntown

Paul Weldon, St.Josephs

Peter Ryan, Bunclody

Aaron Lambert, Wexford Bohs

Fenwick O Shea, Ajax Ath.

Cian Roche, Wexford Celtic

( 1 Game)

Suspension 13.01,2020

Liam Moore, Ajax Ath.

Sean Stewart Rosslare Rngs

( 1 Game)


Ross Proudfoot, Bridge Rovers

Finn Mulcahy, Gorey Celtic

Cathal Cummins, Corach Rmbllrs

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 06.01,2020

Ryan Dwyer, Enniscorthy Utd

Daithi Mernagh, Enniscorthy Utd

Conor Meyler, Wexford Celtic

( 1 Game )


Ola Stofola, Bridge Rovers

Danny Breen, Enniscorthy Town

Shay Doyle, Kilmore

( 1 Game )


Suspensions 16.12.19

Jason Petitte Rosslare Rangers

Kevin Price, Forth Celtic

Brian Lawlor, Rathnure

Ian Moran, Glynn Barntown

Stuart Murphy, Taghmon

Dean Sinnott, Corach Ramblers

Philip Walsh, Bree Urd

Jack Ryan, Wexford Celtic

Wes Fitzpatrick, Courtown Hibs.

( 1 Game)

Suspensions 09.12.19

Mark Lee, Adamstown

( 1 Game)

Jimmy McCormack, St.Josephs

( 2 Games )


Adam Myrah, Wexford Celtic

( 1 Game )

Suspensions 25.11.19

Ben Nugent Kiltealy

Mark lee, Adamstown

Darren Jordan, Forth Celtic

Kevin Sinnott, Corach Ramblers

Tadgh Cahill, Corach Ramblers

Pat Roche, Ferns 

Adam Hillis, Carne

Matty Handrick, Tombrack

Trevor Moulton, Oylegate

Jimmy Sutton, Fethard

( 1 Game )

Darren Foley, Fethard

( 2 Games )


Paul Hearne, Curracloe

Omar Rual, Enniscorthy Utd

Ross Poundfoot, Bridge Rvrs

Byron Jordan, Ferns

( 1 Game)


Suspensions 04.11.19

Daryl Walsh, Adamstown

Fergal Kenny, Kiltealy Celtic

David Clarke, Glynn Barntown

Paul Murphy, North End

Ian Farrell, Wexford Bohs

Nathan Fergusson Carne

Tiernan McGuire, Carne

Daniel Mullen, Wexford Bohs

Joey Sinnott, Adamstown

( 1 Game)



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